Bobby Shah has never been afraid to venture out and try new things. Always the one in the family that lived for adventure, from long treks to mountaineering courses to rafting in treacherous gorges, Bobby has done it all. He knew he wasn’t cut out for any regular desk job and decided to turn his passion for the environment, adventure and crafting into a full-time occupation.


While on short hiatus from the family business, Bobby decided to pursue his dream of owning a place in the woods, a place that travelers like him could use for a short retreat and just relax. A couple of years ago while out on a weekend trek in Haryal Village, Bobby came across a cottage in the forest owned by an old gentleman, who has been living there for generations. Bobby knew right then that this was where we wanted his dream home, he convinced the gentleman to sell him some part of the land since he never used it anyway.


Bobby then spent countless hours constructing and overseeing the progress of his dream home take shape. Made entirely out of eco-friendly materials, this beautiful home in the woods was Bobby’s vision for the perfect nature getaway. This home in the midst of a Bird Sanctuary was every wildlife enthusiast’s paradise, but it was still a family home which Bobby shared with his wife and their two children. But once Bobby started meeting a lot of other travelers that seek places like his cozy cottage for a night’s rest or two, he decided to give the idea of turning his home into a homestay a serious thought.


Now after years of expanding and constructing more cottages , Bobby has turned his home into a lovely homestay and calls it ‘The Oak Trails’ a home surrounded by an organic farm and a rich orchard filled with apricot, walnut, pine nuts and oak trees. His love for the  environment helped make Oak Trail a favored destination among travelers en route to Nainital as Bobby has been hosting guests from around the world in his eco-friendly home.


Bobby was one among many such homeowners in Nainital  that our team at RightStay had the privilege of meeting and interacting.Through Rightstay, Bobby hopes to extend the same hospitality and friendship to his guests that he has enjoyed in his many travels.

So his thoughts and suggestions for others who haven’t yet listed with RightStay? He says,’ You really need to love what you are doing in my case its environment and anything related to nature, so I am ready to share my experience with my guests and you should be willing to share the same experience with your guests too’ . Figuring out what they like and similar interests is a great way to get acquainted with the guest, says Bobby

So if you still haven’t made your holiday plans, Bobby’s Home might just be the place to unwind this summer! Discover more and  book a stay in Oak Trail.

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Photo credits:- flickr

By : Richa Devi