In the wake of our recent tide of business meetings, operations work, sleepless nights dedicated to building a great app, we felt we should take out time to explain to our readers, our hosts and our guests about who we are, a little bit about our community and what we believe in.

Our story started with the hope of solving travel woes and tap into a sector that has such massive potential in India.Sure, this is not the newest idea in the market right now, but it has room,  quite literally for so much more experience-driven holidays. It’s all about the ordinary people, but people with stories and experience who are coming to the fore front and doing much more than just making ends meet. We are talking about regular people , students, retired senior citizens, trekkers, animal lovers, bikers, photographers coming on the same platform and sharing a piece of their home.

2source: Flickr

This is just the beginning and through this blog and the Rightstay Community, we hope to build relations, solve issues, be the trusted sidekick for any matter. The blog will be the platform for your stories, your experiences, and your voice!

This is the time to welcome this vision and us here at Rightstay would like to extend the same love and support. We hope you’ll join our community and inspire others to reach out as well.


Welcome, aboard the Rightstay Community!