With the changing trend and growth in Travel industry, a lot has changed, most not necessarily for the better, as we move on from the basic need of travel and go on to solve the most complex. At RightStay we felt the need to take a pause, think and begin by trying to solve the most simple and the most important need for travel, what do travelers crave for? How can we make their journey memorable and at the same time easier?


With the mission for solving this very basic need, we sent our RightStay Team to interact with homeowners in Pondicherry. It was a great learning experience on both fronts, as being part of the community core team also means understanding the concept and looking at it from the hosts point of view. Not everyone jumps into any extra income segment solely for the commercial purpose, sure the extra money is great but there is more to it than we would expect.


May in Pondicherry is somewhat similar to a Ghost Town, peak summer heat sets in and most of the lovely cafes that Pondicherry is famous for also remains closed. So what exactly are you as a traveler left with, when you don’t want to mingle with the throng of tourist nor do you want to be greeted by deserted streets and cafes closed because of the lack of tourist? Well, this in-between space is often termed as the ‘shoulder season’ if you can take a little bit of heat, Pondicherry around this time might be a great option if you have dreamt of staying in a villa all by yourself and at unbelievable rates!


Sea Facing Pool Villa

Offbeat travelers often like the shoulder season, because you get access to most places without waiting in line, the beaches are less crowded and well villas, mansions, bungalows, cottages , (the option are endless)are available and at great rates.
Because of the season too, we were able to reach out to most homestay owners who had free time on their hands. Their approach and outlook were pretty simple, hosting guests that come to Pondicherry as a traveler and guests that are genuinely interested in knowing Pondicherry closely.


(Meetup at the quirky Satsanga, Pondicherry)

Some of the concerns that were raised during the meetup were mostly about how to be a great host and how to put their extra second home on the platform. The meetup was a great way to know the real concerns and also drive the efforts in the right direction. The biggest issue when opening your homes to the traveler is ‘trust’ and through the meetup we were able to engage in productive conversations, we shared views, and in some way took a step closer to building trust and work together to building a great community.
If you are a homeowner and want to know about the ideas behind this product, come on board the community and reach out to us on Host@rightstay.com or through our facebook page

The next date and venue for the meetup will be disclosed soon!

By : Richa Devi