In the words of Rachel Wolchin,” If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.”


You see people traveling every six months or so like it doesn’t cost money, whereas your bucket list gets longer as days go by and your bank account bails out as you desperately wait for the salary message at the end of the month like it’s your lover’s last text on the apocalypse. You tell yourself that you’d go “there” someday; someday when you’d be settled, earning an obscene salary.

Off to a distant land!

But the question is: Why wait? The fun you will have in your twenties, traveling with friends or as a solo nomad is unlike anything! The twenties are your selfish years: make mistakes, travel, explore, fall in and out of love, be wild.
If you are the broke restless wanderer, here’s how you can save for your next destination:


There are things you want and there are things you need. Draw a fine line between both. Can you function without your spectacles? Of course not; but you can survive without the latest shade of that Mac lipstick; you can survive without the Les Paul you saw over the internet, and you dear old guitar works just fine. Whenever you face a dilemma, ask yourself,” Do I want it or do I need it?”
Incidentally, do you know you can fund a weeklong extravagant vacation in Bali rather than paying EMIs for the latest iPhone?

Delete those cookies! You keep seeing that that pair of distressed denim everywhere you go over the internet, just like that one person you always see on ‘People you may know’ over Facebook who never goes away and you might just add that person for the heck of it. That pair haunts you every waking minute, every waking hour; until you give in and buy it. So stop letting those websites track your activity by deleting your browser’s cookies.

Remove the temptations: You wake up to the notifications of websites promising you cashback and discounts; so you buy more to get more discounts. You come home to find pamphlets of the nearby restaurants slid under your door and you stash them under the mattress. On some nights, you come home dead tired and you think of ordering food; from these pamphlets, from the food apps. To change your mind, ask yourself two questions: Is it healthy? Is it worth my money?

Cooking up a storm!

Learn to cook; browse through tons of thirty minutes recipes on Pinterest which are healthier than the pizzas you order and don’t cost you a dime. If you cook a bigger portion, you can even pack a lunch for office and save yourself from the blasphemy of buying that greasy sandwich every day. The little expenses in the office cafeteria don’t seem much but try adding the little expenses and that much you could have saved.

Hold your T.G.I.F moments: All of us experience the bliss of the T.G.I.F. moment at 5 o’ clock in our offices and can’t wait to head out for a night of drinking and dancing. Who can deny? It’s cathartic, after a stressful week. But the night of revelry gives way to guilty hungover mornings: you swear to never drink again; you buy bottles of Gatorade to hydrate and spend on a heavy breakfast; a “hangover” cure. By then your wallet is considerably lighter. So why not limit your night-outs to once a month?

271128090_c85afdf450_o (2)
Hike your weekend away!

Go on short trips
: Get away to an offbeat place during weekends. You don’t have to cover an entire state in a week like typical tourists do with a selfie stick. Go explore that patch of wilderness, live with locals than staying in boring hotels.
Online piggie bank: The zeros at the end in your bank account will always be tempting. Why not open a savings account and have a certain amount of money tucked away in it so that you can’t touch it? Pick a resolution and start saving! Moreover, having less in your salary account makes you more aware of every unwanted expenses you hardly noticed before.

The Yoga Life!

Walk/Cycle/Yoga: If it’s a nice weather and a forty minutes’ walk, forget booking that car-ride online. Invest in a good pair of sports shoes; they last longer and keep your feet healthy. If you live close by your office and chances of being a roadkill are less, buy a bike (and helmet); get those calves and thighs working. Why take an expensive gym membership when there is YouTube and Yoga mat?

Weekend Blues: Two days at home and you crave to go out; it’s understandable. And expensive. Why not spend your weekend reading, painting, learning an instrument or a language? If you have an art that needs a practice, stop neglecting it. Explore new music on Soundcloud and 8tracks. There’s just so much to do!

All of these involve cutting corners but picture that moment when you book THAT ticket. So long my friend, the world is calling!

By:Divya Negi