The best days of our lives are the ones wandering in a different land. “Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and we know that we shall be happily infected until the end of our lives” is a very famous saying.

There are some people who are living our dream, traveling all year long. But most of us are not that lucky. We take up jobs, save some moolah and plan a vacation to that one place that is on our checklist. Planning a vacation takes a lot of time, as we all know. Google becomes a part of our lives along with many traveling books and websites. When the ticket is booked, the dream starts to take shape of reality. We board the plane, land, eat the best food, see places and most importantly click pictures.

Once back, we select some pictures and put them online, talk about our vacation for a few days and then it’s all over. But why? Unfortunately, we live in the most boring era. Everything is digitalised. Gone are the days of spending time on an album or framing pictures. We keep all the memories locked up in that “New Folder” on our laptops. You might bump on it once in a while and browse through the pictures but you won’t be able to relive that time.

So why not put a little effort and not throw away all those things that you thought were worthless. Save up all those tickets, sugar and tea bags, Soda caps and labels on the beer bottles and keep them safely with you. There are so many ways in which you can relive those memories.

A Vacation Memory Box – Show off every city or country you’ve been to while adding some fun bits to your elegantly styled bookcase. All you have to do is select a pop colour, stencil the place and dump in those travel bits and pieces. Not too much of a hassle and every one will love going through your travel lanes.


Scrapping the book out – While on vacation, take out some time and buy yourself a diary. Sit in a café, sip on a coffee or beer, if you may like and write your heart out highlighting some of the best moments. Pick up a sugar or tea bag and stick them in your diary along with some pictures. Bookmarks, postcards, bottle tags, all can find a place in that. Once back, you will be amazed reading this diary realizing how much you had forgotten about the trip you took.


Polaroid Coasters narrating a story on its own – Unfortunately not all our pictures make it to our Facebook or Instagram posts or even our house walls. Some pictures remain in those folders waiting to be opened. Get those pictures printed on to coasters. Add a little more meaning to your coffee table and revisit those memory lanes every day with every sip of coffee.

Life in Polaroid:freyjo7

Ticket Collage to brighten the dull – By the end of the vacation we all end up with a box full of those plane, subway, train or play tickets. Stack them up and bring them back home. Get those tickets framed, choose a dull spot and add a little pop of colour. That not so favourite spot of the house will soon turn out to be the favourite one.

Souvenir Magnets – We all buy postcards from the places we visit. Why not pick up some rock or shells, paint them up, glue a magnet with them and stick the postcard on our fridge with these little piece of art.

Travel Souvenirs:azedkae

Book Marks: A lil bit sand of every land – A universal fact – “The colour of soil is different in every land”. Take a paper cut out, put some glue on the bottom half, stick some soil on it, write the name of the place, punch a hole tying it with a string and voila, you have yourself a bookmark.


Shadow Box – Throw in anything that reminds you of your trip, from pictures to local money, beer caps to museum tickets and get them box framed.

Next time you travel, make sure to not pick clichés but something that you can actually relate too. Imagine how your hair weaving thread or a little sand of the beach you spent all day lazing around, could fit in your room of travelling tales back at home.

 By: Surabhi Guleria