If you’re deciding where to go the next weekend and you’re tired of the same old choices and suggestions, check out this photo story filled with bewitching sunsets, great people and ancient ruins that will most definitely change your views about Hampi.


The Forlorn Ruins illuminated by the burst of sun rays. 


There is a sense of communal harmony and togetherness in every home and every corner of Hampi. Travelers from distant land come, experience the tranquility and they leave with a fresh sense of perspective.


Based on the traditional Hindu style temple tradition, the architecture reflects the imprints of an influence of the Vijayanagara Empire. This influence meant the use of natural resources like granite and schist rock, that still after thousands of years beautifully holds together the majestic pillars and the pavilions.


The Living Monument and it’s people, holding together generations of heritage, stories, and experiences that keep the lifeline of Hampi alive.


An Ancient Little Boat: The Coracle ferries people back and forth everyday braving the currents and at times they are able to ferry across fifteen or twenty people on every ride.


The Bazaar spreading over a kilometer is always teeming with people selling flowers, food, and souvenirs to travelers. Once the center of flourishing trade during the Vijayanagara Empire, the bazaar although a more meek version from its glory days of sheen and grandeur, still possess the same charm.


Hampi lets you bond, it creates opportunities to form friendships and the gives you the time  to reflect as its relaxed grain of life allows people to see the beauty in regular and small things.


There’s always a reason to take a trip, for Hampi you probably need none. So head out there, give yourself the time to relax and reboot by the ruins!


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Happy Traveling!

Photo Story By: Bhoomit Vasani