We live in a city where finding joy in little things does not come easy. Back home in Jaipur the craft supplies were easily available in the fancy stores or stationery stores near home but that’s not the case here. After a couple of Google search queries, we found the only place where we could get what we wanted. That place, is Raja Market. If you love food and crafts, you’ll love this place. The hustle bustle and narrow streets will remind you that surprises and joy is there where you least expect it!

The beautiful temple at the entrance of the market. This is also the place where you should park your car and then walk up.

One of the oldest temples in the city,  Shri Dharmaraya Swamy Temple is the only temple in India which is dedicated to the Pandavas.

The monsoons had clearly arrived and it was just another one of those rainy days and the roads were slushy. Making our way through the puddles, slightly drenched we craved for some hot chai and food before we venture into the narrow, colorful lanes of  Raja Market. We decided to stop by an interesting food stall where the owner moonlights as a chef by day and a jewelry dealer by night!

Talk about multitasking!

Raja Market in itself is like a global village where people from all walks of life and race or religion live and work together.This was undoubtedly one of my favourite photo from the day.

Clicked this as we were waiting for the sandwich. You just have to look around and you’ll find so many interesting people and things here

As I made my way through the lanes, a sense of nostalgia took over. The colors, the designs, and the sounds brought back vivid memories from the childhood.

Do you remember these butterflies? Almost everyone had these either on the refrigerator or on one of the walls.

Although Raja Market is mostly known for its craft and jewelry, the food stalls here have a great reputation too.  You will find some of the most amazing dosas here, dosas that melt in your mouth. Lots of ghee, and the masala that’s perfectly seasoned. We asked only for one plain dosa but ended up having one more masala dosa as well. Our man, tried to convince us to have one more Podi dosa but we were just too full. You MUST eat here!

You will probably have to wait in line, but its worth it!

This market has lots of North Indian stuff as well and most of the shopkeepers are from Rajasthan and some others are Jains. You could get fafda, achar, jalebi, churan, just about anything. Seen here is the famous Kadi Kachori and Bhajia.

Bhajias on a rainy evening!

The food, the people, the colour all play an important role in evoking the right senses. The bright coloured spices alongside the jewelry shops and the lovely little flower shops all make Raja Market a place worth visiting over the weekends.

Red Musings!

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By : Sneha Vachhaney