Are you in desperate need of a break and can’t escape the blues ? Well, consider our list of 5 unique Instagram accounts that will definitely serve a healthy dose of travel inspiration. It might be just a digital postcard but these striking images from different parts of the world might just be what you need to awaken the wanderlust in you and get the bags packing!

Credits: Joseph Radhik

1:Who:Muradosmann, the famous Followmeto Couple

Why: The gorgeous dreamy photos right from the Taj mahal to the Great Wall of China, clicked by Russian photographer Murad Osmann of his beautiful girlfriend Nataly Zakharova who he follows all over the globe captured the hearts of couples, photographers and travelers from all over the world. The different perspective that Osmann captures of his girlfriend against majestic, awe-inspiring backgrounds, made the couple one of the most sought after people on Instagram and their photo series went viral within no time.

2016-07-08 11_43_24-Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) • Instagram photos and videos

2016-07-08 11_44_00-Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) • Instagram photos and videos.png

Follow their journey as they now take on Spain for another jaw-droppingly gorgeous photo series in the Basque Country!

2: Who: lebackpacker, World Explorer, and Travel photographer

Why: Belgian-born adventure enthusiast and  self-taught photographer, Johan Lolos who likes to refer to himself as a world explorer has a deep passion for wilderness and outdoors which reflects beautifully through his pictures. He left Europe to pursue his dream of photographing the raw beauty of Australia which he mostly published through his Instagram account, but Johan’s soon got the credit he deserved as his work started catching the attention of biggies like National Geographic, Daily Mail and Buzz Feed who published his work as a photo series. He is at present one of the most followed Belgian photographer on Instagram.

2016-07-08 12_13_08-Johan Lolos - World Explorer (@lebackpacker) • Instagram photos and videos

2016-07-08 12_14_25-Johan Lolos - World Explorer (@lebackpacker) • Instagram photos and videos

Follow Johan as he backpacks through Canada for the summer

3:Who:Joseph Radhik  Asia’s most influential photographer and Creative coach

Why: One of India’s best wedding photographers, Joseph Radhik has traveled almost all over the world to document and shoot more than 250 weddings across five continents. His unique and fresh take on weddings not only highlights the stories of the couples but also of the stunning locations and destinations. With over 24.5k followers on Instagram, Joseph with his keen eye for design and a passion for storytelling keeps his followers and clients engaged.

2016-07-08 12_28_21-Joseph Radhik (@josephradhik) • Instagram photos and videos

2016-07-08 12_30_35-Joseph Radhik (@josephradhik) • Instagram photos and videos.png

2016-07-08 12_44_34-Joseph Radhik (@josephradhik) • Instagram photos and videos

Follow the Stories by Joseph Radhik as he captures real moments and timeless portraits of people and places.

4: Who:Mark Wiens  World Traveler, Foodie, and People Person

Why: Mark truly believes ‘there’s no better way to connect with people, than through food’   Mark Wiens connection to food started at an early age, born in Phoenix Arizona Mark spent his first year of school in Albertville, France after that he was home schooled for 3 years in Democratic Republic of Congo and later spent a good few years in Nairobi, Kenya finishing school. Because he traveled so extensively at such an early age Mark began to find the connection with people and the culture of the place by association with its authentic local food. With over 33k followers on Instagram, Mark now makes a living from  ads on videos and spends his time blogging, traveling and making videos about local food.

2016-07-08 13_03_23-Mark Wiens (@migrationology) • Instagram photos and videos

2016-07-08 13_06_34-Mark Wiens (@migrationology) • Instagram photos and videos2016-07-08 13_05_07-Mark Wiens (@migrationology) • Instagram photos and videos

2016-07-08 13_09_15-Mark Wiens (@migrationology) • Instagram photos and videos

Follow Mark and get  your hands on the street food guide and tips on the best food and travel tips.

5:Who: Auditya Venkatesh Traveller, photographer and learner

Why: A self-taught photographer, Auditya’s knack for details and storytelling has  made him one of India’s leading Travel and Wedding photographers. No matter how extensive, Audi spends his time observing, documenting his subjects and his surroundings and celebrates with his pictures the people and the animals he has met on his travels. 

 2016-07-08 13_59_03-Auditya Venkatesh (@audiphotography) • Instagram photos and videos

2016-07-08 13_57_43-

2016-07-08 13_57_09-Auditya Venkatesh (@audiphotography) • Instagram photos and videos

Follow his recent trip to Northeast and discover the beauty of Sikkim In A Blur

There are plenty of great accounts out there, this is just our small list for a few that are diverse and are inspiring people with their amazing travel photos. Be sure to check our blog for more features in the coming weeks.

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Cover Photo Credit:muradosmann

By : Richa Devi