Your best friend is basically your soulmate. They are always up for the next ridiculous adventure that comes to your mind, a much needed vent, or a sleepover partner with a bottle of wine and hours of Netflix. We are technically nothing without them. Your BFF could be the one you know since childhood or from your first day of office. Time does not matter and you must have talked about taking a trip together with her like a zillion times but have failed miserably. If so, then here is a little push from our side trying to make you see the bright side of taking that vacation with her.

  1. You plan it TOGETHER – Planning a trip isn’t like falling off a log. Lot of work, hours, sweat and dedication goes into it. What dates, train, bus or plane, hotels or bnb’s, to do lists and much is needed to be decided. Most of the time our partner’s would just drop it on us – “You plan. I am fine with whatever you decide” or “This trip is all about you. We will do whatever you like, so you must decide.” – sugar coating every word and making us feel that it’s our fairy-tale but then comes the nightmare when they start to brood during your much planned trip. So save yourself the horror and plan a vacation with your true soulmate. She would be equally excited and enthusiastic about the whole thing. Your best friend understands the need of planning out every detail and knows the effort that goes in hence would not let you go through all that all alone.

     Pick up all (Pic Credits: Cameron Kirby)
  2. Less toiletries – She understands the word “makeup” just exactly and deeply as you do. Therefore you two can decide on things like who gets what. She gets that one perfume you two like and you pack that lipstick you two rock. Similarly, you girls can plan on other things and save yourself some space for all the souvenirs you are about to get.

     Traveling with the glam squad (Credits: Manu Camargo)
  3. She knows your WILD side – She is your human diary. She knows you are a lunatic and technically that’s the reason she loves you a lot more. You can get completely insane knowing that she would not judge you and that she is just few shots away from “CRAZY”. So don’t wait and start checking on your “wild things to do” list 😉
  4. A passion for weird, silly pictures – We girls love to take pictures. DUH!! We love it even more when they are silly. Take clicking pictures with your bff to a different level. You both are well aware of the fact how much of a lunatic, demented, absurd and ridiculous of a person you two are. Channel that side of yours with her and click those endless photos. We promise that you would not regret it and will end up being more attached to each other.
  5. You will be less on the phone – Because the person you text most will be right next to you.
  6. Picture Perfect – You must have told your family or your partner to take that perfect picture of yours. They must have taken it. If you didn’t like you must have told them to take another with a different pose and again with a different background or the fourth time in another angle. In most cases you are not even given a fourth chance. If lucky they might have taken it. But what if that too didn’t turn out well? That fear of asking for a final picture that you would swear you’ll like……how to make them understand the need of a perfect picture?….. Yes, we all have gone through the same. But your BFF knows the importance of that perfect Instagram photo and would be ready to click it as many times as you want it to be knowing that you would do the same for her.

    Locking away the memories..(Pic Credits: Benjamin Combs)
  7. Handling the Mood Swings – A girl knows it better. Just in case you two squabble over a tiny thing and she gets upset, you know the right thing to do / say to uplift her mood. Treating her in a bakery or buying her that lipstick or book she was eyeing on. You know how to spoil each other silly.

    Sweet Temptations(Pic Credits: Greta Punch)
  8. Doing Everything Together – All that you do and have planned can be done together. You know that she always has your back and you have hers. From scuba diving to parasailing, from talking to random strangers to singing your lungs out. From drinking all night long to holding your hair when you want to throw up. She will stand by you all through that and much more.

    Painting the town Red (Pic Credits: Kris Atomic )
  9. Take time off – Your best friend would not feel bad if you tell her that you don’t want to do anything today and just lie in your hotel room all day long. She will let you be because she understands you got to have a little space of your own. You two can tell each other if you two disagree upon a thing knowing that the other would not get all, “Oh my God, she is too rude to say no to my suggestions.”
  10. All those stories you could tell – Once back, you would have a lot more stories to talk about and personal jokes to laugh upon making your fellow friends jealous.
The World is better upside down (Pic Credits: Greg Raines)

We know you dream of a day when you are 80, sitting on a porch with your best friend and talking about “when we were young” amongst yourselves or to your grandchildren. Taking a trip with your bestie would add more magic to those stories with kids thinking, “God, our grannies were bad asses”, while looking at those silly pictures you clicked at some random place with random people.

If you had a face in your mind while reading this, then believe us, she is your true Blair Waldorf / Serena. Waste no time, call her up and get going.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       By Surabhi Guleria