That constant long for the “PINK CITY” that we have in our hearts. Jaipur is one of the most colourful places. Painted in pink, every corner narrates a story of its own. This historic city is still close to its hundreds of years old traditions and culture. From painted elephants to autos, colourful dresses to stunning jewellery, this place is a country in its own. Guarded by hills with forts standing tall and walls running for hundreds of kilometres, Jaipur bags no. 5 in our “must visit places in India” list.

The land of the royals have too much to be seen, witnessed, experienced and we want to make sure that during your next visit here, you know exactly where to go and what to do so that you go gallivanting about looking for excitement.

  • Staying with the Royals or like them – Our hearts wept when we heard the very famous song “We’ll never be royals”. Of course we all knew it but we never wanted to hear it out loud. Not after a regular girl called Kate became Duchesse Catherine after marrying the prince. But think about it, what if we never wanted to be a royal and we only crave for the royal treatments and luxuries. Of course, that is what it is. Jaipur has many hotels, homestays that are actually run by the blue bloods. They promise to make sure that you experience everything that says “I am Luxury”. Havelies, castles, forts and a lot more. Do your homework well and track down all such places that are welcoming people from all over the world so that you live a few days of your life, king size.



  • Hogging or fine dining – When thinking about food here, you have two options. You can either enjoy a fine dining or feast on the local street food. If your stay is being hosted by a royal then worry not. You would have a wide range of options to decide from. Toasted breads, various types of eggs, parantha’s, fruits and what not. Take our advice and step out one of the mornings and follow the aroma of the freshly made kachori’s and cutting chai (tea). The staple diet of the Jaipur wala’s will make you realise the hidden reason of your existence.



  • Bagru, The Village – You must be going gaga seeing those beautiful prints, indigo colour all over the markets of Jaipur. It would be a great experience seeing some live action. Bagru, is a small village on the outskirts of Jaipur. Hire a car and drive your way to this place and witness this process of printing and dying clothes for yourself. You would be amazed to see that every house in here is indulged in the same activity since ages. From 86 to 18 years, each of them are working on block printing and dying. Shy not and ask them if you could try it too. They will welcome you with a big smile.
Blue skies, warm hearts (Credits:Lily Stockman)
  • Shopping the royal way – Go shopaholic on this place. Jaipur is known for its colourful markets and shopkeepers calling out your name and dragging you into their shops till the time you don’t spend every penny you have with you. The pretty markets are all sparkly and enchanting with too much to buy. Try out everything starting from head to toe. You will find lot many things to get excited about. Compliment your ears with a delicate pair of silver earrings or a chokhar / necklace elegantly settling around your neck. There are shops that can offer you a large variety on the jewellery. Buy rajasthani jutti’s or boho bags or that lehria dupatta / stole you always wanted. Gear up well with all your credit and debit cards, even stuff in some moolah in your pockets and don’t compliant that we didn’t inform you well.


  • Door to the past – With so many forts, palaces and several unknown ruins there is a possibility for you to find that one stunning door wherever you travel in Jaipur. Be camera ready all the time even when on a move. Be vigilant and click away those gorgeous, antique and stunning doors / entrances. The rustic appeal to each one of them will make you fall in love. You would be stunned to see these beauties. Don’t believe me? Have a look…

BeFunky Collage

  • Mooch / Moustache of Jaipur – If you don’t spot a man with a moustache to remember then you have missed on one of the most vital parts of the Rajasthani culture. When here, look out for men who are dressed in turban. Make sure you see their faces. They might just happen to carry some of the most interesting mooch you would have ever seen. Rajasthani people are known for many things and moustache being one of them. Believe me when I tell you this that you would not want to leave without spotting a man with one of these. Spot as many as you can but take permission before you click them.


Mooch-tastic! (Credits: Surabhi Guleria)


“I’ll call the unloved and make them beloved”, is how Jaipur would work its magic on you.

Waiting for lift-off! (Credits: Surabhi Guleria)