A relationship and bond that exceeds six generations, Our Place Himalayas is the labor of love and work of the Khullar family. Managed and owned by Anita Khullar, wife of renowned orchardist Ashok Khullar, Our Place Himalayas took birth because of Anita’s love of meeting people, traveling and the desire to share the knowledge of the land with her friends.


An avid gardener and an artist, Anita quickly transformed the place, her life and the lives of people around Raison, helping villagers and contributing to the local society and conserving the local culture and heritage. Anita’s love for nature and her attention to detail is quite visible through the entire estate, the gardens, the organic gourmet food and the interiors all speaks volume of her creativity and nurturing nature.

There is a shade of green in every nook and corner of the estate and every element around this beautiful home  offers a sense of tranquility, just sit by the pond or grab yourself a book and head to the nook with the garden chairs and hammocks to indulge in an afternoon of heavy reading.
There is plenty of things one can do to keep themselves busy , those that seek a quiet stroll can go bird spotting or even medicinal plant picking. And for those that like a little adventure there is always the option of half and full day hikes and also the adrenaline pumping white water rafting along the Beas River , which is just a 3-minute walk from Our Place.
If that wasn’t enough, adventure seekers also have the choice of trout fishing, while families with children can spend afternoons by the meadows with a picnic basket or camping out in the woods.
Looking to work up a sweat? then head for an afternoon on mountain biking which can also be arranged by the staff at Our Place.

This beautiful home allows you to relax, to forget and rediscover the little joys of living life one with nature. Anita has mad sure that every aspect of this estate offers warmth, joy and a glimpse into the glorious past of this land.

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We really believe that the best way to get to know a place is by living like and with a local, taking your own time and discovering all the nook and corners of the place. Find out more about such amazing homestays on our next blog and let us know if this helps with your vacation planning.

Happy Travelling !

By : Richa Devi