“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.” –Socrates

The love for the outdoors or the yearning to be closer to nature closer to tranquility can transcend boundaries and all worldly desires. A lot of people set out on journeys seeking that contentment or that path that would eventually impact the way they look at life and that’s exactly what Dav decided to do when he decided to come back to India after living overseas for more than 2 decades.


In 2014 after moving back to India from the Ivory Coast, Dav still felt something was amiss and he decided to reconnect with his old friends whom he hadn’t heard from in years. He set out on a search for his long lost pal and this search led him to the small village of Jibhi, a beautiful sleepy, forested hamlet in Banjar nestled deep in the Himalayas.


Dav felt right at home in Banjar and being close to the Himalayas, reminded Dav what he missed most in all of these years that he stayed away from India. Although Dav’s return was a little too late as his friend passed away, he felt something tugging at his heart and he could not muster up the strength to turn back and say goodbye to Jibhi. Something about Jibhi’s simplicity, its warmth made him take the decision of staying back and starting a new life.


Dav soon realized that Jibhi had become the pitstop for a lot of offbeat travelers like hikers, trekkers, bikers and even cyclist who are either on their way to the famous Jalori Pass or to get to Spiti Valley. Since Dav is multilingual he could easily interact with a host of travelers and offered them space, hot meals and information on the area. He soon realized that there was a need and a demand for a place like his and he soon transformed his home into a cozy homestay, the Jibhi Inn


Although this small village has very limited facilities it still ranks pretty high on the happiness index and this was a good reason enough for Dav to continue setting up and expanding Jibhi Inn.

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The rooms here reflect the warmth of this cozy little village and wooden interiors and the views make Jibhi Inn the perfect little retreat in the mountains. Besides, it is a great place to meet like-minded travelers and the barbecue and grill party that Dav occasionally throws for his guests makes it all the more special.


The garden area with a little alfresco dining space is a great addition to the cool, quirky vibe of the Inn. Another great asset is the dedicated staff of local boys that offer the best of Himachali hospitality. Dav also has a wonderful team of trained cooks that prepare fresh meals everyday and guides that can help you explore the Banjar region like a local.


So if you are heading to the mountains sometime and you happen to pass through Banjar, give Jibhi Inn a try and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed!

Dav believes that life is an accident, albeit a pleasant one. You never know where you land up in life and where it would take you

Find out more about such amazing homestays on our next blog and let us know if this helps with your vacation planning.

Happy Travelling !

By Richa Devi