Before you set out on the rugged roads for the monsoon trail, be sure to pick your limited but necessary items that will make your life on the road easier. Whether it is picking out the perfect pair of walking boots or selecting  the right type of insect repellent, these simple and essential life hacks can go a long way in making your trip stress free.

1: Hiking Boots/ ShoesSalomonQuest 4D 2Gtx

When it comes to finding the perfect hiking shoes, it must meet a few important criteria. It should fit well, needs to be breathable, must be waterproof and most importantly it should have a reliable grip and one brand that nails the brief is Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX.


Despite its chunky look, Salomon does a fantastic job of offering stability, comfort and performance.

Price Range: INR 13,657- INR 46,274

2: Backpack : Arcteryx Cierzo 28 Backpack Bamboo

A superlight backpack that can go ultralight by removing the padded back panel, Arc’teryx is the perfect lightweight day pack for trekkers. The pack comes wih padded shoulder strap and webbing waist that supports an upward climb, there is also the top lid with an adjustable strap to keep ropes, harness, helmet and even ample room for shoes.

Besides the top lid store, there are also mutiple small pockets to keep ones phones, wallet, headlamp and other small portable devices.

Price Range : INR 14,762


3: Rain Gear : Wildcraft Hypadry

Braving the stormy weather during a long hike or trek needs more than just strength, the right gear can often help you get out of sticky situations. Wildcraft has come out with rainwear that is light weight and comfortable with full skin coverage. The hypadry features sealed seams and double flap pockets to prevent water seepage. It also comes with its own pocket making it easy to carry it wherever one goes.

The new DRy+Vent technology keeps one dry whilst allowing your skin to breathe as the fabric has nanopores that is a close replica of the skin that allows one to keep the water out but also allow enough space for the sweat to evaporate.
Price Range: INR 1500- INR 1700


4: Hydration Pack: CAMELBAK Hydrobak 50oz

 When choosing a hydration pack one must make sure that they choose packs that keeps one hydrated and ability to perform for long duration. One pack that fulfills all the criteria for a multipurpose pack is the Camelbak Hydrobak that features a low profile and comfortable design and carries enough hydration for 1-2 hours and with a 1.5 litre reservoir.

It also comes with an insulation that keeps liquid cool for hours while the external zip pockets makes it easy to carry keys and other essentials.

Price Range : INR 3499


5: Sun Protection : Lipbalm, Sunglasses and Eye Wear

You can never be prepared enough against harsh effects of the sun, and three small but extremely important essentials that can go a long way in saving your trip are lip balm, sunscreen and a good pair of sunglasses and if you are someone who is very sensitive to sun, wearing sun proof clothing may be a good idea.


There a quite a few off the shelf products available and all you have to do while choosing the best sunscreen and lip balm is:

SFP Rating: For long stretches choose SPF 30 or higher

Water Resistant:Even through there are no exact waterproof creams, opt for a sunscreen that can atleast have a resistance of  60-80 minutes contact with sweat or water.

UVB and UVA: Check for products with broad spectrum label that protects both against aging and skin darkening that contributes to skin cancer.

What we have prepared is just the 5 basic trekking essentials , but all avid trekkers follow the ’10 Essentials’ rule while out on an overnight or long hike. You can check out backpacking guide for more information on what to carry and how to plan a long hike.

By: Richa Devi