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September 2016

5 Times Ranbir Kapoor Inspired Us to Travel

Ranbir Kapoor turns 34 today and if there’s anything his movies have shown us, other than his natural talent at acting, it’s his love for travel. Ranbir’s movies have inspired us all in one of or another to tap into... Continue Reading →

Travelling Together Just Got Better!

Indians love company. Admit it. We love our family and our friends. We have lavish functions and lunches and go on long family trips with our nana-nanis, dada-dadis, golu-pinkis in tow. And, it's fun. Most of us have memories of... Continue Reading →

#22YearsOfFriends: 10 Lessons learnt from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

F.R.I.E.N.D.S have ruled our hearts for the past 22 years making it the most epic TV show ever. This post is dedicated to the #90sKids who've grown up watch Joey and Chandler goofing around together, Monica fervently cleaning her purple-walled... Continue Reading →

Rightstay with your partner

Haven't we all faced one or the other issue while checking in at a hotel ? At Rightstay, we keep thinking of ways to help our guests have the best experience when they travel. While we are working on a... Continue Reading →

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