Indians love company. Admit it. We love our family and our friends. We have lavish functions and lunches and go on long family trips with our nana-nanis, dada-dadis, golu-pinkis in tow. And, it’s fun.

Most of us have memories of summer vacations to the hills or the beaches with our parents with the extensive planning and the hyper-efficient sight-seeing tours.

What if we told you, that we found a way to make that experience better? Now, have these family vacations in Rightstay villas, cottages and bungalows where you have complete privacy and are not bound by hotel rules. Breakfast is made when you want it, the music at night plays till you choose, the kids can play in the pool till they like. You also don’t need to worry about getting rooms in separate floors and the whole family can stay together.

The story gets even better with friends. You get to have your own brand of fun, undisturbed! What could possibly be better?

We know hotel rooms can get constrictive. Book a villa or a cottage today. We have properties to suit every budget.

Plus, you get to pay AFTER you stay!

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