They say a family that prays together, stays together. That isn’t the complete saying, though. I believe, a family that travels together, creates memories together. And memories keep us together way beyond the constraints of time and space.

While planning a grand family vacation on a massive budget is always on the list, getting people together, matching dates, booking tickets etc. is quite a headache. Enter the roadtrip. As someone who has travelled by road most of her childhood, I think it’s safe to say that it is my favourite kind of vacation. The joy of being on the road, travelling on your own terms is almost incomparable. Here’s what I love about roadtripping with family:

  1. Junk is NOT off limits: One of the most exciting things about prepping up for a roadtrip is canoeing through the supermarket in search of the unhealthiest foods there ever existed. I’m thinking cup noodles, unlimited supply of potato chips, cans of coke, chocolates and cakes. Mom is not allowed to say no!200
  2. Car games: When you’re stuck in a car with family and no TV, limited access to the internet, there’s only one way to entertain yourself. Enter car games. Name-Place-Animal-Thing on repeat. ATLAS. Uno. And of course, innumerable rounds of Antakshari!tumblr_nerh08k5tt1u24vvbo1_1280
  1. Road signs: If you’ve ever driven around Himachal, you know which signs I’m talking about. Feel free to giggle at “be gentle on my curves”. The nostalgia related to those shiny green signs brings back rushes of my childhood – a childhood without Google Maps. Imagine!


  1. Playlists: Kids, roadtrips are a great way to introduce your kind of music to your parents. Think of it as bridging the generation gap. But bear in mind, you might have to listen to Mohd Rafi too! Either way, it’s a great time to bond over music.2001
  2. Dhabbas: Of course, food is a big part of any Indian holiday and why shouldn’t it be, when our highways are sprinkled with the yummiest and cheapest eateries. Parathas, daal makhani, giant glasses of lassi and a dad to pay the bill. Bliss.
  3. Mummy ka dupatta AKA temporary curtain: It might be the tackiest thing you’ve done, but I know you’ve done it. Sticking mom’s dupatta out the window to protect yourself from the afternoon sun. If you ever need a sign that an Indian family is on a long road trip, watch out for a dupatta-covered car window on the highway.
  4. More flexible than yoga: Loo breaks when you want, selfie stops as and when required, pit stops for food – all this can only happen when you know the driver. Having dad as the driver made things really flexible and allows you to mostly throw the “plan” out of the window. Isn’t that the best way to travel?tumblr_oe8chtogws1tfw70go2_500
  5. Not a movie: If you want to ditch the traditional family outings (to the mall or the movie hall), take a trip. Seriously. It’s like making your own movie – picturesque landscapes, a crazy starcast, background music, adventure – anything you want it to be!2002