Like many others my age, I left home when I was 18. It was a thrilling and scary experience, to begin with. As exciting as it was to move to a big city, a college where nobody told you what to study or how to dress up, and no curfew hours; I loved the freedom and independence that it brought. It was only when I read the story of our host that I realised, this change not only had an impact on me but also on the lives of the ones whom I had left behind.

The Empty Nest Syndrome

Sometimes we tend to ignore the feelings our parents deal with when we leave our homes. We visit as often as we can, mostly on important festivals (being optimistic) and think our job is done.

Often our parents have to deal with a sense of grief and loneliness–the empty nest syndrome.

There are many ways to confront loneliness and here’s an interesting story of how this couple decided to fill this vacuum.

After both their daughters got married, Mr. and Mrs. Eidnani decided to start a homestay in their own spacious house located in the heart of the city in Gurgaon, near the famous Cyber City and high-end Ambience Mall and there was no looking back.


The couple proudly describes their homestay as ‘a home away from home’ where people come as travellers and leave as friends. They saw this homestay as an opportunity to meet new people and explore new cultures.

Mr. Eidnani created a wonderful ambience in the basement with a pool table and a bar corner, where you can relish a drink together, enjoy a game or two and even indulge in interesting jamming sessions with the host himself. In fact, he remembers jam sessions with a guest from Australia named Paul with whom he had an experience neither would forget.


The concept of this homestay is an ideal example of marrying your interest for art and entertaining people at your home. They have also opened a small art gallery in their home.

A buying agent for fashion accessories, home textiles and apparels, Mrs. Neema Eidnani has maintained the innovative essence of her home through the chic décor of the place which gives a cosy and homely feeling to the place. It is clear that while you might visit as a guest, you will leave as a friend.



An ideal abode for business travellers and tourists alike, the Eidnanis give you many reasons to visit them. So the next time you visit Gurgaon or the capital, book an experience at their home.

Hosts: Mr. and Mrs. Eidnani

Location: DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon, Haryana

Price:  INR 1500

Best suited for: People looking for an experience and not just a stay

Let’s hear from the hosts themselves:

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