Let’s add another dimension to “going out this weekend”, Banglorites! Scroll down and take your pick from this varied list which caters to everyone from the easy going to the adventure junkies.

1. Pondicherry : The Beach

Travel time: 6 hours for 310 km via NH 77

Best for: Anyone looking for a laid back vacation, Architecture enthusiasts

When to go: October to February


Rent a two-wheeler to experience this entirely different realm of peace and serenity. The awe-inspiring French and Tamil architecture will take you to the bygone era. Spend your day checking out some of the popular cafes like Baker street, Le Maison Rose, Le Cafe and Cafe Des Arts, take a customary walk around Promenade Beach relishing the local seafood flavours and of course, go shopping. And to add an unforgettable twist to this mellow ride, dive head first into the bay for Scuba Diving with Temple Adventures. Just 19 km away from the city centre lies Auroville, the experimental township, which exhibits a completely different style of architecture and civilisation as we know it.

Where to stay: Charming Villa Raja Nagar


2. Coorg: The Hill Station

Travel time: 5 hours for 263 km via NH 75

Best for: Couples, Small families

When to go: November to April

Abby Falls

Surrounded by picturesque coffee plantations, Coorg is a paradise. It is the perfect assortment of startling natural beauty, delectable cuisines, coffee, Buddhist monasteries and adventure sports. Gorge on the local delicacies like Pandi curry, Nellaki, Akki roti, Kadambettu along with a variety of other aromatic and compelling dishes. Apart from the famous sights of  Namdroling Monastery, Abby Falls and Raja’s Seat, you can challenge your senses to trekking, whitewater rafting and paragliding.

Where to stay: Luxurious Resort amid Coffee Plantation


3. Hampi: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Travel time: 6 hours for 343 km via NH 48 and NH 50

Best for: Backpackers, Architecture and History enthusiasts

When to go: October to November


Once thrice the size of Paris, Hampi now stands in its ruins as a ghost township. Around 1500 AD, it used to be one of the largest cities in the rich Vijayanagara Empire. Perfect for backpackers, one can explore its splendid beauty by bicycle, then take a ferry ride across the river or head to Sanapur Lake, if you have adventure on your mind. The lake is perfect for cliff diving but there are no professionals to guide you through it, so basically…you’re on your own. On the other side of the river exists a completely contrasting island of Virupapuragaddi, engulfed in its hippie culture, where you can mingle with fellow travellers. Read a first-hand experience here.

Where to stay: Heritage Resort and Village


4. Bandipur National Park: Eco-tourism

Travel time: 4.5 hours for 223 km via NH 275

Best for: Couples, Small families, Nature and Wildlife lovers

When to go: March to May


Once a hunting ground for the Maharajas of Mysore, this national park was mainly created as a tiger reserve. Savour this expanse of raw wilderness where you can spot vervet monkeys, spotted deer, sambar, Indian rock python, flying lizards and many more interesting species on a jungle safari. Stay in the lodges here and listen to the rustling trees and the sounds of the wild singing you a lullaby.

Where to stay: Cosy Guesthouse in Mavanalla


5. Bandaje Arbi Falls, Charmadi Ghat: Trekking

Travel time: 5.5 hours for 310 km

Best for: Adventure lovers

When to go: June to September


If you are an avid nature lover and also an adventure seeker, trek to the Bandaje Arbi Falls will satisfy you in both respects. The nearest town from the starting point of the trek is Ujire from where you go to Bandaje village. From here, the climb is a mix of many ups and downs through different kinds of terrain. Read a first-hand account of the trek here.

Where to stay: carry your pitching tent


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