In a country where life is changing every 50 kilometres, the diversity is incredible to witness. No matter which direction you move away from every city, you are likely to experience a different culture.

Taking the opportunity to explore the brilliant roads of India, we have put together some road trips across the country which are scenic, diverse and gorgeous. Apart from their sheer beauty, these routes connect some of the most distinct cities and all under 300 kilometres.

Northern adventure: Delhi-Rishikesh

Photo by Abhishek Singh (Flickr)

Whether you enjoy spiritual, relaxed or adventurous holidays, this holiday route has something for everyone. Driving past the busy capital city, expect some city congestion up till Meerut and then the road opens up. The condition of the road is good. The stretch from Muzaffarnagar to Haridwar can be choked with highway trucks and heavy vehicles.

Stop by in Haridwar before proceeding to Rishikesh. Stop for a tea break or to experience life around the Ganges, the choice is yours. This city is bustling with activities and it is always worth a look-see. As you conclude in Rishikesh, don’t forget to book yourself in the excellent white water rafting experience.

Kilometres from Delhi: 245
Estimated duration: 5.5 hours
Where to stay: Delhi | Rishikesh

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Eastern beauty: Guwahati-Shillong

Photo by Masrur Ashraf (Flickr)

If you have ever dreamt of exploring Northeast India’s beauty, the route from Guwahati to Shillong shares one of the best opportunities. Begin your trail in the dusty and chaotic city of Guwahati in Assam and then let the highway introduce you to the green landscape here.

Once you have crossed the midway town of Nongpoh, you will see the pineapple slopes and the quaint green hills flanked on either sides. Nongpoh is also a good place to stop for a refreshment break.

Upon your arrival in Shillong, you will be greeted by Mawlai’s traffic. Carry on further to the heart of the city where you can stay for the night. Proceed to see the other sights and places around Shillong in the following days.

Kilometres from Guwahati: 100
Estimated duration: 3 hours
Where to stay: Guwahati | Shillong

Western vineyards: Mumbai-Nashik

Photo by Marco Zanferrari (Flickr)

Drive off the financial hub to the wide escapes of the Indian vineyards. Nashik is home to some of the most popular wine produce and their breathtaking landscapes offers a quick break to all those in need of it. What’s better is that it comes with wine tastings and delicious food.

Expect the road to be smooth as butter with a few gentle turns. Once you leave the chaotic roads of Mumbai, the traffic will ease off. There are plenty of refreshment stops on this route.

Kilometres from Mumbai: 170
Estimated duration: 3 hours
Where to stay: Nashik

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Southern sojourn: Bangalore-Coorg

Photo by Screaming Moneky (Flickr)

A popular road trip, this one will take you from one of South India’s busiest cities, Bangalore to the coffee plantations of Kodagu. Also known as Coorg, this route is a favourite owing to its diversity and scenic beauty.

Stop by Namdroling Tibetan Monastery near Kushal Nagar en route to Coorg for a slice of Buddhism. Next, you can stop by Mysore to visit the most important sight here, the Mysore Palace. The road starts winding a little after Mysore, offering brilliant prospects of the Coorg’s green spaces.

Kilometres from Bangalore: 240
Estimated duration: 6 hours
Where to stay: Bangalore | Coorg

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