It’s party season and let’s admit it, we hate being at work in December. The winter is ideal for all kinds of get-togethers, filled with lavish feasts – barbecues and mulled wine. What fun! We’ve listed down a few must-have parties for you – based on your personality type. Interesting, right? The eternal debate of the introvert and extrovert takes many shapes and forms, but the truth is, we’re fifty shades of everything. Some basic facets of our personality can be seen in all the choices we make – what our weekend plans entail, what kind of books we read, or what music we love, how we dress etc. All this and more is a reflection of who you are. Why stop there? Even your party scene says a little about you.

  1. The DKB (Dil Ki Baatein) Party

Picture this: a close group of friends, comfy sitting arrangements, no TV, no gadgets, unlimited snacks and the kind of environment where you can’t help but share your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Maybe a barbecue set on the side? If you love conversations post 3am, you’re the DKB type. Here’s where you should have your next party in Idukki:


  1. The Game Night Party

No conversation, only competition. Pictionary, Dumb Charades, Monopoly or Poker – if having a fun time with friends means a couple of drinks and games all night, you fall in this category. You spend time researching new party games, don’t care how late it is as long as you’re winning and your board game collection is the envy of every 12 to 14 year you’re your perfect setting is comfy seating and lots of space for floor games like Twister! Here’s where you can have your ideal party:



  1. The Pool Party

Hello, glamorous! You love summertime and cocktails. So you probably love coastal places like Goa. Jumping into a pool with your friends is your all-time favourite activity and you love the good life. Your parties come with a dress code and plenty of booze. Good music is a must but that’s not a problem for you, because your best friend is probably a DJ. Here’s where you can have your very own pool party (without burning a hole in your pocket).


  1. The Open-Air Party

You, my friend, are probably from a metro city like Delhi or Mumbai, where fresh air is a luxury and starry nights are fictional. Close friends, a cosy bonfire, a spacious verandah, a dimly-lit terrace – this is what makes your textbook party. Add to that the soft lull of a guitar and a couple of hookahs, you’re in paradise. Set up camp at this villa in Goa:


  1. The “House” Party

A party without loud music and wild dancing is not a party for you. You need House music at crazy decibels as you lose yourself without a care in the world. You also love dancing to Bollywood music – you don’t judge, you just love to move. Have yourself a loud party with your close friends at one of these locations, and thank us later: