Believe it or not, Goa in December is on everyone’s wish list. From people who have never visited this place to the ones visiting it every year, Goa has worked its magic on everyone. This place has it all, beautiful beaches, chilled out people, impressive shacks, stunning houses and so much more. When most of the nation is freezing cold in December, Goa offers what the entire nations craves for – 20 degree Celsius. Well, more than the perfect temperature, Goa offers unlimited celebrations in this month.

Music Festivals – Calling out all the music lovers in the nation. Goa organizes one of the best music festival called VH1 supersonic. Held on the Candolim Beach this festival promotes local as well as international artists. Dance to the beats of various artists and welcome the New Year coming your way. We promise you that this would be a party to remember.


Turtle hatching – Witness one of the most beautiful events on the earth, hatching of tortoise eggs. Ride on those vespas and travel your way to this beautiful beach called Galgibaga beach where it is time for the little ones to enter the world.


New Year’s Eve – Technically, the entire month of December is all about party. Any to every beach here has a party of its own which is as wild, crazy and fun as possible. Eat, dance, drink repeat and we guarantee you would have a blast. But for the unique experience try the silent Noise Parties on the Palolem beach coz remember how much fun Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor had in the famous song “the break up song” from Aae Dil Hai Mushkil.


According to us, the main reason why you should travel all the way to Goa in December is for Christmas. Nothing beats the city when it comes to this festival. From every house to every shop and church, all are bedazzled and look their best. Famous for its carnivals, you might just witness one here. They might not be as big as the carnivals in Rio, but hey, Goa is like a place nowhere else in the world. Goa turns into a wonderland where there would be all the fun and madness. Fireworks and celebrations are endless during this time of the year and the night just doesn’t end!

Christmas Service– Home to hundreds of churches, you must visit the old Goa church during this week where celebrations of Christmas will be in full swing. Christmas Carols, stunning Christmas trees, yummy treats and so much more, you would not want to miss on any of them. A particularly wonderful place to visit during this time is the Church of Our Lady Immaculate Conception in Panjim, which is lit beautifully for the occasion. Market places are embellished with tinsel, Christmas trees light up local areas and you’ll find traditional Goan Christmas cake (made with wine and dry fruit) everywhere. Other Goan festive desserts include dodol, made with coconut and cashews, and neuros, made with dried fruit and coconut. The Christmas service starts around 10, so go early and grab yourself a seat.


Christmas Meals – Splurge money on the delicious Christmas meals here as they are truly exceptional. Available in most shacks and fancy restaurants, you can feast on some roasted turkey, pork sorpotel, and stuffed crab but do save some appetite for Goa’s favourite dessert, Bebinca which will make you fall in love with it. End the day sitting by a sea-shore and get mesmerised by the fireworks in the night sky.


Goa has a lot to offer in this festive season. Let your hair down and dance to the tunes of many international beats or tie up your hair and hog on some delightful local cuisines or simply enjoy the celebration around you sitting by a sea and having a wonderful time with your family. So pack your bags and get ready for a great vacation.

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