Beaches, endless alcohol, stylish girls and stud guys with abs –Goa has got a lot to explore. This year, don’t just notice the usual. Blessing you with another eye candy, observe those different couples out there. Trust us, this variety will spice you up or even give you a flashback of your very own moment. Giving you an insight of the game that cupid plays in this party destination, here are the 5 type of couples you will definitely find while vacationing in Goa.

1. The Mushy-Mushy Couple

Holding hands, cuddling and making future plans are their favourite pastime. While everyone else is enjoying a karaoke night on the shack, you will see them sneaking out from the group and walking hand-in-hand on the beach.

giphy (8).gif

2. The Fighters

You will see them cribbing about one thing or the other and fighting on petty issues like “you checked that girl/guy out”, “why are you drinking so much?” and the conversation ends to, “I don’t think you love me anymore!” Their relationship status might change, once they leave Goa.


3. Photographer and the Model

Click, click, click and more clicks. You will always find the girl of this couple dolled up and the guy with a camera. While the girl flaunts her tattoo and new dresses, the guy is bound to click until the girl gets the best shot for her next display picture. Or else, deal with those zillions of SELFIES!!

giphy (3).gif

4. “What Happens in Goa, Stays in Goa” Couple

They bond over a drink or in a party and claim to be soulmates. They are seen having a gala time and hogging the limelight, but the moment alcohol finishes its magic, it’s a new morning for them and they walk away like nothing happened.


5. Singles-who-are-ready-to-mingle!

They came as a bachelor in Goa. However, cupid had another plan. The moment they eyed a pretty lady or handsome guy on the floor, they are drooling. All the hatred towards love vanishes in a go and they feel like they have a soulmate now. They come as singles but go home changing their status to committed, or maybe, it’s complicated!

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Got a flashback? Tag your soulmate if you were one of these and have a good giggle.