How about you take the popcorn and bonfire of Lohri to a different setting this year? Why not try put a spin on that old track and hit a new destination for the long weekend? If this idea strikes a chord with you, we have the done the tedious job of researching the best cities and accommodations, and prepared a list for you. Take a look!

  1. CHANDIGARH (Punjab and Haryana)

    This lavish farmhouse in Chandigarh captivates you with its charm. Mixing the urban and rural panache, it flaunts everything from an attractive villa, lush gardens, swimming pool to an authentic village verandah. Thus, making it a perfect recipe for the Lohri party!

    Starting Price: ₹5200 for 1 room

  2. PONDICHERRY (Tamil Nadu)

    This resort isn’t just about a good stay and delicious food, it is more of an experience. A party place all round the year, with its music performances and movie screenings, it would surely jazz up your Lohri weekend! Head to this escapade with your bunch of buddies and have a gala time.

    Starting Price: ₹1100 for 1 room

  3. JAIPUR (Rajasthan)

    How about a little cultural fusion this Lohri? Head to this ethnic theme-based amusement resort for a surreal celebration. It lies on the outskirts of Jaipur and a family get-together will be picture perfect at this resort.

    Starting Price: ₹4050 for 1 room

  4. CHAIL (Himachal Pradesh)

    Celebrate this Lohri on the top of the hill at 7000 feet that give you a breathtaking view of the mountains and distant snow-capped Himalayas. Sounds exciting? Head to this splendid villa and spend an entire day pampering yourself with Steam Spa, Jacuzzi, Rain shower and bubble bath in a tub that is installed in every bath of the house.

    Starting Price: ₹7000 for 1 room

  5. VARKALA (Kerala)

    Make this year’s Lohri stand out by spending it with your partner in a bamboo loft cottage. Set in a secluded lush ground, this resort is your retreat into a paradise of peace. Step into an eco-friendly world of birdsong and bountiful nature, where cool breezes murmur through the coconut palms and life is immediately sweeter.

    Starting Price: ₹3000 for 1 cottage

  6. PANGOT (Uttarakhand)

    Would you like to be in nature’s lap while Lohri weekend knocks on your door? This quaint campsite is set amidst an oak and Rhododendron forest, providing the perfect base for nature lovers. For bird watchers especially, this is a great base as one can see a variety of Himalayan species like Himalayan griffon, blue-winged minla, spotted & slaty-backed forktail etc.

    Starting Price: ₹3500 for 1 tent

  7. ALAPPUZHA (Kerala)

    Take the festivity of the North to the South. Spend this special occasion exclusively with your partner on a romantic getaway in a Kerala Houseboat. As mesmerising as the experience already is, the occasion of Lohri would make it even memorable.

    Starting Price: ₹7500 for a 1-bedroom houseboat

  8. COORG (Karnataka)

    At this scenic destination, this homestay offers you a fabulous party place with complete privacy and indulgence for all ages. There’s a magnificent swimming pool, an interesting play area for kids, a gazebo where a bonfire can be lit and wide green spaces for your evening strolls.

    Starting Price: ₹5060 for 1 room

  9. KODAIKANAL (Tamil Nadu)

    Celebrate with your family the end of winter solstice at this spellbinding homestay. A celebration that becomes a toast to the stronger bonds with your close ones is the picture this homestay will paint for you.

    Starting Price: ₹9500 for a 2-bedroom cottage

So now stop reading this post and book your tickets already, to have a gala time on this year’s first long weekend!