10 years ago, Jaipur Literature Festival was organised for a bunch of Literature fanatics and bookworms. With time, this festival has become one of the most-loved and an absolute must-do in January (19-23). This year too, JLF is back with well-known guest authors and speakers. We are sure you must pay a visit. Still not sorted about where to stay in and around Jaipur? Worry not, as here we are with the 9 most amazing properties you can drop your bags to this year and make your experience even better.

1. Beautiful Homestay with Clean Rooms

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If cleanliness tops your list when you’re away from home, this is the place to be! This simple homestay is a clean and comforting choice with some exclusive facilities. The place is very well-connected to the shopping malls, bus stand and attractions like Umaid Bhawan.

Price: INR 2,500

Stay Type: Homestay

Accommodates: 3 Guests

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2. Well-kept Homestay at a Prime Location

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With the hotshot trend of homestays prevailing, we recommend this beautiful place for a quality vacation in Jaipur. The enchanting interiors, spacious bedrooms and central location of Civil Lines sum up the experience you will get during your stay here. The most striking part of this homestay are the immense helpful owners, who will be your guide for anything and everything.

Price: INR 2,700

Stay Type: Homestay

Accommodates: 7 Guests

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3. Classy Boutique Cottage

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This well-painted boutique cottage will give you a blend of old-days architecture and modern day comfort. Apart from the enormous beautiful corners of the house, the glass verandah steals the show and gives you a cosy area to make the most of that winter sun. The cottage has some extraordinary décor and is a hit for those who have an eye for architectural intrigues.

Price: INR 2,600

Stay Type: Boutique Cottage

Accommodates: 9 Guests

Get a room in this lavish cottage.


4. Splendid Rooms in a Homestay

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Giving a perfect taste of Rajasthani hospitality, this homestay is decorated with some traditional furniture, but will not let you miss out on everyday comforts, as this place has all the modern facilities. For a perfect blend of tradition, modernity and comfort, book yourself this abode of happiness.

Price: INR 1,980

Stay Type: Homestay

Accommodates: 3 Guests

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5. Opulent Holiday Home

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Privacy will never leave you side in this well-decorated holiday home. This superb place is entitled to a restful experience at a very affordable price. If staying like a tourist is not your cup of tea, then head straight to this all-encompassed holiday home in Jaipur.

Price: INR 2,000

Stay Type: Holiday Home

Accommodates: 3 Guests

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6. Paradise for Art Lovers

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For the art lovers in town, nothing comes better than this refined apartment, exclusively decorated by French Photographer Saskia Durand Raucher. Tasteful decor of this beautiful apartment will never leave your side, be it the living area or the bedrooms. If you have an eye for art and culture, this is where you search ends.

Price: INR 2,500

Stay Type: Apartment

Accommodates: 3 Guests

Get a room in this quirky apartment.

7. Quirky Hostel for Backpackers

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What could be better than a place where you can be yourself and make new friends? This quirky hostel has nerve-wracking halls, beautiful walls and bright rooms that come very easy on your pocket. This hostel is extremely lively and is the ideal treat for backpackers, when in Jaipur.

Price: INR 998

Stay Type: Hostel

Accommodates: Guests per Bed

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8. Heritage Stay with Mehrangarh Fort View

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Why restrict your visit to Jaipur? Extend your visit to the beautiful Jodhpur. This regal heritage stay is in every sense a gem for you. Prolific view of Mehrangarh Fort from the rooms, swimming pool and contemporary luxuries will satiate your craving for royalty. Visit this heritage stay for witnessing some hardcore hospitality.

Price: INR 33,000

Stay Type: Heritage

Accommodates: 12 Guests

Grab this royal experience here.


9. Subtle Homestay near Pichola Lake

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Extending your itinerary, the land of sun-kissed lakes, Udaipur should definitely be on your list, when in Rajasthan. This beautiful homestay is the place to be for its glittering view of Pichola Lake. The quaint library and cosy sit-outs are some of the fascinating corners of this place.

Price: INR 900

Stay Type: Homestay

Accommodates: 13 Guests

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Make the 10th anniversary of Jaipur Literature Festival a memorable experience in your travel book. What are you waiting for? Grab a room in one of these before they are gone!