Apples hung from the heavily laden trees. Clouds played hide and seek with the magnificent Dhauladhar range. Sunlight peeped in through the wooden frame of my window and I stood awestruck at the view.

Apples till as far as you can see: Sangla valley, Kinnaur

Raw, rustic, away from the maddening crowds and picture postcard worthy.

Above all, it hardly burnt a hole in my pocket but made my trip richer than any modern accommodation could have.

I savour this moment, sipping on the freshly brewed masala chai, warming my throat and my soul.

Mountain love: Room with a view in Himachal

Travel is changing. Travelers are evolving. While social media has heavily influenced the travel industry and check-ins have been instrumental in fueling envy, there are some trends that are here to stay. Here are some #rightFor2017 travel resolutions that you’d love to follow:

Home (ly) stays: 

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Traditional Kutchi huts, Gujarat

Mostly seen as cheaper alternatives, homestays are a treasure trove of a plethora of things. From untold stories, pristine views to simple homely local cuisine, they offer a peek into the life and culture of the place.

You take back a different perspective and a backpack full of stories.

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Rustic kitchens : earthy and simple

Being reasonable they also offer an opportunity for indulging in slow travel and exploring a place much longer than you would if you stayed in a hotel. Some of these are so quaint, you might just want to ditch your must- see list and cool off in a quiet corner.

When you make your travel bucket list this year, make sure you include a few charming home stays.


Hit the Road:

Road journeys with a sense of adventure

While air journeys reign on convenience and train journeys have their own charm, road trips bring to surface hidden places and turn you into an explorer of sorts.

Detours lead you to places like these

Marvel at the diversity of our country, when the culture changes in a span of 100 kilometres.

Tree canopies at Chikamaglur

Road trips are the best way to explore a region: from discovering waterfalls by chance to stumbling upon a flock of migratory birds in a field. Pros include: chance diversions that lead to something gorgeous, totally unplanned and gives you another story to narrate!

The Rocky Mountains of Andhra Pradesh can be discovered on a road trip


Offbeat destinations:

Choose the quite Chail over the bustling Shimla

Tired of crazy crowds thronging the “trendy” destination that a popular listicle spoke about? What’s worse, they are over booked and insanely expensive.

To add to your misery, your photos have tourists bursting out of every frame.

The lesser crowded beaches of Konkan


This year choose lesser known destinations, often over shadowed by their popular counterparts.

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The lesser known Deeg Palace

This year be wise, travel offbeat.

Slow travel :

The simple joys of unhurried travel

You have a never ending list of must-dos and must-sees and your friends keep adding to it like its your last chance to visit the place.


The inherent FOMO ( fear of missing out) syndrome creeps in and you end up scurrying around and not feeling the place. If there is one thing you would want to promise yourself this year, choose slow travel. Ditch the check ins, social media envy can wait, honestly.

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Once in a while: Do nothing

Nothing beats an exploration that is unhurried. Watch a sunset, savour a sunrise. Do absolutely nothing in a spot that is endearing to you.

Slow travel leads to deeper explorations

This year, slow down, breathe and let the place wash itself on you.

This year collect more stories than selfies.

Responsible travel:

Upgrade yourself from a tourist to a traveler.

Embrace the place like its your own and you will automatically end up caring for it. The destination ends up giving you so much more than you ask for: Experiences, stories, friendships, life lessons. Return with a small favour of not taking away anything that detoriates it’s beauty.

Respecting local culture and their way of living

Make a resolution this year to give back to the destination in whatever little way you can. Even if it means protecting it from being touristy by not revealing its existence.

Let some places be hidden from the public eye


Let’s make travel more meaningful this year.

So which of these #rightFor2017 do you intend to follow?

About the Author:

Divyakshi is a travel blogger and freelance travel writer who blogs at

A door lover, story teller who loves long road trips.

Loves traveling to off beat places, people, stories, conversations and in the process to her own self.