This Valentine’s Day, we bring you the best romantic getaways to choose from. We understand how important it is to spend time these days with your special someone in this busy life. A perfect little cottage with cosy interiors and a romantic view in a faraway land where there is nobody to disturb – sounds like an ideal vacation. Plan it together or just surprise your significant other with one of these trips and we guarantee that you will have an uber-romantic time.

  1. Manali 

Manali tops the chart. It is one of the most romantic and beautiful places of North. Famous among the Honeymooners, this hill station oozes beauty in every direction you see.

A Value for Money Heritage Cottage in Manali starting from – Rs. 5000 onward per night (whole property)


Escape into the world of perfect silence where birds sing along with the swaying leaves which echoes in the snow-clad valley. The heritage cottage provides you everything that you yearn for back in the city. The typical “pahadi” architecture stands tall inviting you in the world of dreams. The interiors are beautiful, cosy and welcoming with a perfect touch of romance in the atmosphere. Open your eyes every morning witnessing the panoramic view of the surroundings from your room and enjoy it with a cuppa tea. Pass your time sitting in the huge garden and making the most of the time with your “only one”. This place is truly magical and you would enjoy doing everything to nothing here.


Luxury Rooms with Best Amenities in Manali Starting from – Rs. 6300 onward per night


Treat her royal this time by taking her to this magnificent castle-like place. The architecture is vintage with a grandeur of a palace, you would be in awe once you set your eyes on it. Enter and witness the most perfectly organised and decorated the interior with neutral colour walls, period furniture that is truly made to give you the feeling of a blue blood. You would be accommodated in huge and high-ceilinged rooms that possess of elegant poster beds, fireplaces, pretty carpets and everything that makes your eyes pop out is astonishment. Believe us when we tell you, that booking a room here for the Valentine’s Day is going to be a great thing. She would be on cloud 9. You can have that perfect environment where you can put your city life on snooze and give the gift of your time to the most important person in your life.


  1. Dehradun

Located just a few hours away from Delhi, this place is ideal for all Delhiites for a short sabbatical. Being in a close proximity to the city, you can plan your valentine’s trip and be back in no time.

Room Scintillating Villa with Kitchen in Dalanwala Starting from – Rs. 5500 onward per night (whole property)


Pack your bags and head to a beautiful home-like villa, in Dehradun which welcomes you in a peaceful environment. The interiors are bright and easy on the eyes with simple yet elegant furniture. The rooms are very spacious with squishy beds and lying on them will be like get a hug. The décor is ethnic with a touch of Indian tradition in every nook and corner. You can make use of the fully equipped kitchen and prepare a special meal for him and have a romantic candlelight dinner.


Cosy Rooms & Swimming Pool in a Splendid Resort Starting from – Rs. 9900 onward per night


Welcome to a place that is a perfect epitome of beauty. You would be dumbfounded by the European-colonial era inspired architecture of this place. Lily pools, picturesque pathways, and panoramic views serve as a visual delight to you. The rooms are the colonial theme with beautiful antique furniture that consists of beautiful poster beds among other things along with luxury kilims. There are private balconies for you to have some stolen moments. Book your stay here and you would know what we mean. It’s exactly like living in an era gone by.


  1. Ranikhet

Ranikhet (Queens Garden) was once the summer capital of the British Raj. Nestled in the beautiful hills of Almora district, it is a great option for you to have that quiet and exclusive vacation on the 14th of Feb. You can spend your days here going for a stroll in an area surrounded by pine, oak, and deodar forests while spotting some of the wildlife including leopard, mountain goat, barking deer, red-faced monkey, red fox, porcupine etc.

Bright Rooms in a Splendid Bungalow on Mall Road Starting from – Rs. 4500 onward per night


If you are looking for a unique experience with impeccable services, facilities and architecture then this is the place for you. The stunning property blends well with its surroundings and signifies the rich culture. The interiors are tastefully designed with conventional décor offering a very charming, romantic and soothing ambience. Here you will listen the sound of silence, experience every passing minute and make the most of it with your better half. The whole rustic charm of the property is sure to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.


Chic rooms in regal lodge in Dadgallia Starting from – Rs. 7000 onward per night


Nestling in the heart of the valley is a beautifully designed lodge that is enriched with antique furniture and wooden furnishing, rustic walls, perfect lighting and other things. Elegantly maintained with modern-day amenities in a heritage property, this is the perfect blend of style. Everything in here will enhance your mood as this place has calming aura with love in the air. The very sight of rooms will make you go lazy in those cosy beds. These super-chic rooms have all the out-of-the-world amenities and will surely give you a feeling of a royal couple. Book now and thank us later as this place is a complete game changer.


  1. Kullu

Known as the valley of Gods, Kullu is a cluster of beautiful valleys. With a picturesque view everywhere you look, this place is one of the top tourist locations in India. Home to many famous temples, come here for some kaleidoscopic views, while you munch on some of the juiciest apples you’ll ever find.

Uber Luxurious Rooms in a Resort in Katrain Starting from – Rs. 14000 onward per night


Far away from any overcrowded tourist locations is a luxurious cottage which is intelligently set-up on the rocky banks of the Beas River on 10 acres of beautiful land layered with blooming flowers, green gardens, fruit orchards and towering pine and oak trees. The architecture is a blend of typical pahadi structure blended well with modernity. Surrounded by nothing but beauty, you are lodged in comfortable rooms that consist of cosy beds, wooden furnishing, soothing lights, subtle décor and modern attached baths. To pamper you more, this place also houses luxury spa, an open swimming pool, and a well-equipped Gymnasium, along with offering indulging gaming amenities and adventure trails to fulfil all your whims. Need another reason to book it? The cast and crew of the famous movie “Yeh Jawani hai Diwani” stayed here during the shoots.


Lush Wooden Rooms in a Cottage in Parvati Valley Starting from – Rs. 7000 onward per night


This place will leave you completely awestruck with its Victorian gothic style architecture and antique furnishings. Blending the medieval with the modern, this cottage has an elegance and creates intimacy and warmth without pretension. There are rooms that are made on tall towers making you feel like the Disney princess “Rapunzel”. Yes, you heard that right!! They are pretty chambers full of luxury and high-level amenities. The words fall short to describe the charm of this place. We bet, that it is like nothing you would have ever seen before.


  1. Shimla

A spectacular hill station dotted with beautiful old buildings from the colonial era and dense cedar forest, Shimla has been the favourite romantic destination for many. So what’s better than the idea of Shimla? Being in Shimla 😀

Charming Cottage with Valley View in Chota Shimla Starting from – Rs. 5500 onward per night


Tucked far-far away from the main Shimla, this cottage is right out from an Enid Blyton’s novel. Surrounded by deodars, this cottage is as lovely as its dwellers. Overlooking the valley, the bedrooms are pure bliss and exactly what you want during this romantic vacation – wooden furnishing, charming English décor, and furniture. Spend your days relaxing in the various outdoor sitting areas where you can sit amongst deodar and apricot trees and enjoy your tea. They place promises you memorable conversations, spectacular sunsets, colourful foliage, interesting books, and paintings. It must be what artists and poets get inspiration from.


Enchanting Rooms in a Resort in Shimla Starting from – Rs. 7600 onward per night


Overlooking the stunning mountain ranges, this place invites you for a vacation that would stay in your memory forever. Located in a tranquil place this resort offers cocooned comforts that will unwind your soul. Aesthetically decorated, the charming rooms are the perfect manifestation of comfort with a snug beds. Along with other amenities, this place is here to give an experience “never had before”. Make a trip to this wonderful homestay and let the beauty of the mountains awaken your inner being.


  1. Palampur

Nestled in the foothills of Dhauladhar range, this place, unlike Shimla and Manali, is an offbeat destination. It rarely vies for attention with gimmicks and that’s where the charm lies. Make way to the small town which is secluded from the crowd and is flourishing with beauty.

Cosy Rooms in a Peaceful Bungalow in Palampur Starting from – Rs. 3100 onward per night


Built out of wood and slate with wide verandahs and spacious rooms with large windows from where guests can witness the stunning views that change every season. The peaceful bungalow will bewitch you by its glory. Located in open valley and surrounded by rice and wheat fields, there is nothing more spectacular than this place. The rooms are tastefully designed giving attention and details to every part of the place. The rooms come with ensuite baths, small private balcony and lots of time exclusively for you and your partner. Don’t blame us if you end up extending your stay here and are falling short of extra clothes. Plan ahead and pack well. *grins*


Exquisite 4 Room Cottage in Bundla Tea Estate Starting from – Rs. Rs. 32000 onward per night (whole property)


No vacation is a vacation without a view to die for accessible from the room. Far-flung for all the chaos of the city life lies a dream come true. A gorgeous cottage that you would fall in love with. “Pinch me” is exactly what you would need to say to realise that it is for real. Nestling in the arms of Mother Nature from all sides the place provides spacious rooms that are subtly decorated and hush-hush surroundings, this is the perfect escape that would be a treat to your mind, body, and soul. With exquisite interiors and elegant touch, the place will make you feel at home almost instantly. No judgement – stay in your pj’s all day long and have vacationed in a place with love in the air.


  1. Jaipur

The Pink city is a perfect place to take your date for the valentine’s celebrations. Treat like a princess and she will be happy. Take our word for this. Located here are two amazing properties that you would want to try for the upcoming trip.

Rooms in a Chirpy Tree House Resort in Jaipur Starting from – Rs. 13,400 onward per night


An offbeat stay awaits you lovebirds for a vacation of a lifetime. This outstanding tree house resort is built atop Keekar trees and is nothing but an epitome of luxury, comfort, and modernity. Surrounded by amazing sit-out areas and a garden, this is an extraordinary stay. The place is completely eco-friendly with trees trunk passing from the inside of your rooms. Peeking from the lush green surroundings, this place will lift your moods and will give you ample amount of time to have some heart to heart talks with each other. You would have a stronger bond with him/her and nature once you step out of here.


Lavish Rooms in a Villa in Kukas Starting from – Rs. 11,300 onward per night


A lavish villa in Jaipur treating you the royal way is exactly what you need to book for the Valentine’s Day. Inspired by the rich culture of Rajasthan, this beautifully coloured villa has ethnic yet modern interiors and a very amazing garden area. The grandeur of this place can be seen with stunning marble floor with traditional and elegant furniture. Taking you an inch away from the daily hustle-bustle, this luxurious stay has everything modern like a pool gym etc. There is everything that you need for a romantic date – delicious food, beautiful view and a romantic setup.


  1. Udaipur

What can be better than a vacation in a place that is known as the “Venice of East” the city of lakes? This is India’s most romantic destination that witnesses many destination weddings.

Rooms with a Rajasthani Touch in Homestay Starting from – Rs. 6000 onward per night


A boutique homestay situated in the hills of Aravalli invites you for a vacation that will become one of the most memorable trips of all. The chic home has 4 acres of organic farms and dairy where all the meals are cooked on wood fire giving them the authentic smoky flavor of the rustic Rajasthani food. The rooms are delightfully spacious carrying a warm and inviting vibe to them. Tastefully decorated, it is an ensemble of a cozy bed, a comforting niche, a plush sofa and study table. With no TV on the premises, you are blessed with spending all the time him/her and making your bond stronger.


Traditional Rooms in Heritage Home in Udaipur Starting from – Rs. 2700 onward per night


A heritage home built in Mewar style of architecture surrounded by beautiful, lush gardens is exactly what you need to book this time of the year. The interiors are decorated with beautiful furniture that makes it very elegant and high-class. With windows being on all the four walls of the room there is ample light entering and making the rooms bright and happy. Rooms with white walls decorated with pastel colour cushions, beds, and other decorative items, is something that is very tastefully done. Book your rooms here and treat your princess like a queen.


  1. Pondicherry

Beautifully restored villas, old Tamil houses, lined up trees and pedestrian-friendly roads, its cosmopolitan population and eclectic cuisine – this is what Pondicherry is made of. The place is a perfect escape for an easy and simple Valentine’s plan.

Peaceful Villa with Amenities in Auroville, Pondicherry Starting from – Rs. 14,300 onward per night (whole property)


Situated in a place known for utmost silence and peace, Auroville is a modern architecture marvel. The villa is surrounded by nothing but greenery (almost like in the middle of the jungle) where you forget all about other things and just be that special someone. The whole villa offers you a nice ambience which will sooth your mind, body, and soul. They understand the meaning of a true family vacation as they welcome you with your furry pets. Interiors are trendy and chic with a minimal décor. Spacious and have comfortable beds with glass walls from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire place. There is an in-house pool where you can laze around all day long and get that perfect tan.


Modern Stay with Chic Decor & Cosy Rooms in White Town Starting from – Rs. 5200 onward per night


Hidden behind a discreet facade, this big 19th-century house located in the old French town (white town) is a perfect romantic accommodation. The contemporary style property comprises of fifteen well decorated and spacious rooms, a restaurant, and a cafe bar. The use of the traditional material in a modern language, the harmony of proportion and simplicity confers a unique and innovative character to this hotel and provides a modern interpretation of colonial architecture.


Happy Valentine’s, you guys 😀