You’ve been together with your special someone for a while now and you are dreaming to propose to them on Valentine’s Day. You get down on one knee in a stunning locale beaming in youthful vigour as you ask her for her companionship for the rest of your life. She winks and says yes. Fast forward, you get married and plan a cosy honeymoon to the location of your choice and have incredible experiences together to share. Our first encounter with happiness that coupling brings begins on our first travel together and often our endless rants on our stories and how much fun we had together remain in our hearts forever. Slowly and slowly habits sink in. She hates planes, you love planes. She likes mountains, you love the sea. She is a homebody, you are a wanderer. Or vice versa. So guys here are top 6 reasons on why you should travel with your love (yes, even before marriage) because travel often is the ultimate test of compatibility:

1)You bond together

Travel often brings both parties to introspection on who they are inside and open minds to cultures different from what they are raised up to. When people travel together, they bond together in ways that bring joys and memories that last. For example, cycling together can be great fun or taking a hot air balloon ride or taking a gondola together or even a relaxing spa! You laugh together, you fight together and in the process, you get to know each other well.



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2)Your expenses are halved!

Whether its sharing a room or cab costs or splitting the food expenses or splitting contents of your check in baggage or opting for a package available for two, traveling as a duo can sometimes be very economical.


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3) Discover the bad habits of your partner

Want to test the compatibility with your partner? Why not take her out on a date to a place you like! That ways, you can decide on whether her bad habits are worth diving into further in a relationship! Does her little habits annoy you to the extent of reaching beyond your threshold or is that something that helps you grow and you can tolerate. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and we are all born with our small little quirks but if her overtly fussiness draws you crazy, its time to readjust your relationship goals to someone more travel compatible if you are into it. Travel often changes people for the better, the more you travel, the more you would start liking the change it brings in the two of you. That does not mean that there wouldn’t be fights or you would agree to everything, but you would learn how to cope up with agree to disagree.



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4) It’s the perfect gift!

Have you ever thought what can make some women more happy than chocolates or diamonds? The fact that their partners are planning an experience together. Travel can sometimes be a perfect gift whether its your anniversary, birthday, valentine’s day or even a long weekend. Guys too would be enthralled with their better half planning a trip.


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5) Two minds are better than one!

When two minds get down to planning nitty-gritties of travel, it results in subjects of travel you would have had missed as an individual. For example, maybe she likes art and she takes you on an art trail whereas you like researching on supernatural and you take her on a ghost tour. Although both these experiences may be unlike you or her, the very fact that these experiences can be had based on different interest areas, brings so much into your travel experience as a whole! And you never know what you end up liking at the end of the day.


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6) When it’s a different setting, it’s romantic!


Home away from Home @Dehradun

You have been together for long, now missing that spark in your relationship? Whether you are old or young, just getting out of your home can be symbolic of stretching your comfort zone. Plus some places are by nature romantic i.e You look at them and you know this had to be with your partner. A lot of couples after their retirement venture into travel together because they know, it’s never too late to build or renew that everlasting love!

What are your thoughts friends? Here are my 6 reasons based on personal experiences, would love to hear yours.