You are in your 20s, you are not married, and you definitely don’t have kids. It’s now or never for you to pack your bags and say goodbye to all the hurries and worries. Travelling alone or travelling with your pack, we have got it all covered! Let’s have a glance at 8 most unusual places in India that you must travel to, while you are still in your 20s.

1. Spiti Valley – The Spellbound Paradise


Encompassed with mountain ranges, high-altitude alpine lands, soaring peaks enveloped with snow, Spiti is rightly referred to as ‘Little Tibet’. This lesser-known neighbour of Ladakh is a paradise in itself, and even offers a kind chance to spot a Snow Leopard, Wolf, Blue Sheep and more. Meet the kindest of people and experience their harshest of lives, visit wonderful monasteries dating back over 1000 years, relish authentic cuisines and photograph their fascinating culture.


2. Magnetic Hill – Magical Mountains of Ladakh


Mysterious magical magnetic hills is a place known to create an illusion that a very slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope. So, if you turn off the ignition, the vehicle will start moving and can go up to 20 kmph on its own. Believing the hills to have magnetic properties, aircraft passing over it increase their altitude a bit to avoid magnetic interference. If you too are having this curiosity to unravel the mystery, Ladakh is not that far!


3. Roopkund Lake – Mysterious lake of Skeleton


Sounds scary? It sure is! Roopkund Lake is one of those dreadful secluded places known for the hundreds of corpses that date back to the 15th century AD. What would have killed those people on such a gruelling journey in the middle of nowhere? We suggest you go and unravel yourself. Or maybe not!


4. Chadar Trek – The Frozen Zanskar River


Are you bored and tired of usual treks on the land? We dare you to experience the thrill of walking on the frozen river of Zanskar, with sub-zero temperature. Deeply nestled within the whirly course of the snow-clad mountains, Zanskar attracts thousands of trekkers from different corners of the world. For better or worse, the Chadar trek is considered as an endangered activity!


5. Tosh – Say ‘High’ to Tosh!


Unwrap the astonishing land of Tosh nestled at the far end of the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. In compared to Kasol, Tosh doesn’t have many shops and hotels, is more rustic and non-commercialised but is very welcoming. You’ll be surprised to know that the main source of income for the people of Tosh comes from cultivating hashish. In this laidback village, you’ll come across sprawling apple fields, little kids playing cricket in the temple compounds, songs of Bob Marley & John Denver playing in the Israeli restaurant. When in doubt, travel it out!


6. The Phuktal – Massive Cave Monastery


Amongst all other monasteries in the Zanskar Valley, the uniqueness of Phuktal Monastery is defined by its isolation where a large number of monks have set up a different world to live high in the mountains. This place can only be discovered after covering compulsory trek of around 8 hours. While on your way, you’ll be awed to see rocks carved with ancient Tibetan scriptures and wonderful villagers offering their home as homestays. Get detached from the rest of the world right here.


7. Bhangarh Fort – Historic & Haunted!


Feel like paying a visit to your ghost buddies with your real buddies? Bhangarh fort, located in Alwar District of Rajasthan welcomes you with the warning from ASI saying not to enter the premises before the sunrise and after the sunset. In addition to holding historic significance, this 17th-century fort built by Raja Madho Singh is also known for its beautiful architecture. If your hunger for adventure land you here, let us know in the comment section about your side of the story!


8. Malana – The Village of Taboos


Believing themselves to be the descendants of Alexander the Great, the people of Malana consider all non-Malanis inferior and thus untouchables. While you are there, always keep in mind that being an outsider, you are not allowed to touch any wall or belongings of the residents. Malana is also the oldest Democracy of the world and they follow an interesting set of beliefs and ways to resolve conflict.

To know more about this unexplored and hidden village in Himachal Pradesh, there’s no link to click. Pack your bags and turn the self-exploratory mode ON!


Let us know in the comment section, how many of the above have already been put up on your travel calendar!