Candlelight dinners won’t excite her. A meal under the stars sure will.
A ring in her glass may make her roll her eyes. But a skydiving proposal will instantly melt her heart.
She will look forward to early sunrises than a claustrophobic night at the pub.
She won’t mind a tan because it’s the reason she has so many stories.
Welcome to the world of a girl who travels.
She’s high on wanderlust, aloof at times, non clingy and the stuff fairytale protagonists are NOT made up of!
She loves imperfections. Because imperfections are beautiful. She isn’t perfect too. Sometimes a lotus eater sometimes insanely gregarious! Sometimes wanting her own time at the beach and sometimes one with the natives.
Oh no she ain’t perfect, she won’t crib about the wind messing her hair, nor getting her hands dirty as she gets her perfect shot.
Date her because she will show you the world in a different light.
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You will be astounded with her planning acumen and a little wary of her naiveness in trusting strangers, but she’s make you fall in love with her innocent optimism. ( all thanks to her acceptance of the world as her very own.
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She will be independent and would love to do things on her own ( not the damsel in distress) and you might be stunned to see how open she is to try new things. Her love of the unknown and the curiosity to learn will rub off on you too.
Dating her won’t be easy. She won’t wait for you to make ‘plans’ because she will make them herself and in a blink of an eye she will be on the next flight. You will be hurt too at times when she tells you she doesn’t miss you a tad bit but it will all be forgotten when you see the twinkle in her eyes when she narrates it all.
You might get jealous too, of all the people she spends her time with on trips. But for her there isn’t a love greater than travel.
Your conversations will rarely be about “the girl gang” and “she wore what I did” and “Zara has a sale”. She will keep you engrossed in her stories, her never ending bucket lists and on going flight sales.
Not only will she be responsible but also sensitive towards the world,respecting nature and various cultures. Travel will already have taught her to manage her budgets efficiently and value her resources.
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You will hardly find her whining, unless it’s a cancelled trip ( which she will compensate quickly enough with an alternate one). She won’t let you whine either, not with her around. There won’t be a boring weekend ever. When she isn’t traveling she will make you virtual travel places or set off on an neighbourhood exploration.
You might want to tie her down. DON’T. The probability of her dumping you will be way higher than she sacrificing her wanderlust to your whim.
Travel with her instead and watch her savour the beauty of the world. As she walks barefoot on the grass, hugs trees with all her might, walks on pebbles just for the tingly feeling they give, let’s the waves wash her feet as she makes designs on the sand.
Pic credits: @lost.and.hungry Instagram
She’s a keeper because she sings a song that only you can hear.
The song of fernweh!
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