‘An individual who lists his/her extra living space on our platform is called a host’ 

As we move towards facilitating more experiential accommodation for travellers searching on our website, we write this blog to help you understand all about hosting on Rightstay.

If you have an extra bedroom in your house, or a whole apartment to let out you could list your home in 2 simple steps on our platform. You simply sign up on our platform, provide us with your property details in few simple steps, upload some good photos and provide us with your personal details. Once you’ve completed this, all you need to do is ensure your guests go back with a big smile and some memories to keep.

Your listing will be displayed on all our group platforms – the Rightstay website, our android app, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo and Redbus.



What does Rightstay charge?

We charge a 3-10% commission depending on how active you are on our platform. Even a 10% commission is among the lowest in the industry. When you put your price, it should be inclusive of all your taxes. You also get access to the following:

  1. Personal business managers to help you with every concern and to guide you as you maximise your earnings.
  2. An insurance cover to protect you from any unforeseen issues. (coming soon)
  3. Visibility on India’s largest platform for free.

Earnings are, of course, higher than standard rentals in this model. Here’s a brief example with an assumption of 50% occupancy. Actual numbers could go much higher as you engage higher with us.

2 BHK House Renting out Hosting on Rightstay
Tarriff 12000/month 2000/day
No of days used in month 30 15 (assumption)
Monthly Earnings INR 12000 INR 30000

We keep getting a lot of queries on how to make a particular listing stand out or how to ensure your listing gets the maximum visibility on our platforms. In hospitality as well as online business, no formula works better:

Happy guests ==  Higher earnings

Universally true for any service and particularly true for the hospitality industry, here are some tricks to ensure you earn higher:

  1. Have great photos — Nothing creates a higher intent to book than some great photos of the place. Make sure you have shown the guest your bedroom, bathrooms, facade, views from your house before they go any further.
  2. Keep close track of your ratings — Who wouldn’t want to stay with a host who has been rated 5/5 by every guest who has been there.
  3. Respond to feedback in time — Whether positive or negative, feedback only help us improve. Respond to customer feedback, try to improve on them the next time and we’re sure you’ll get a lot more bookings as time goes.
  4. Be pro-active to guest requests — A few guests might have a special request. A newly married guy might want some help with surprising his wife as they come to your home, small steps go a long way in ensuring satisfied guests.
  5. Home Rules — It is your place and you have all the right to keep your house rules. Be clear in mentioning them while listing on our platform.
  6. Cleanliness and Hygiene — No one likes a stained bedsheet or a dirty washroom to sleep on.

2016-07-28 13_30_05-(4) Our Place Himalyas

The other major query we receive from our guests is whether to be on Instant book model or a Request to book model. This is absolutely a hosts own call. If you’re on instant book, you’ll need to maintain inventory with us. The advantage of doing that on Rightstay is direct exposure to 4 largest platforms ( remember the Goibibo, MakeMyTrip, Rightstay and Redbus line at the top of the article ? ). We do love to boast about being the most loved brand in travel 😃.

If you’re on request model, be proactive in responding to user requests. The faster you are in responding, the higher bookings you get.

We are also working with different state Governments to get a higher support for homestays and to get an even higher support from the governments. For those of you who do not stay in the same city, we have our suite of services including housekeeping, key exchange at a few cities. Speak with your business manager or send us an email to know further about this.

We have a huge team of business managers dedicated to ensuring you succeed. After all, that’s the only way we get our salaries at the end of the day. Keep interacting with them, ask questions, listen to their suggestions and give them your learnings.

Some of you would already have interesting stories with guests or your property might have a story around it. Share those stories with us and we’ll promote them on our social channels and blog. Most of you will end up making memories and stories for a lifetime and earn enough to fund your next passion.

Do write to us on swapnil.vats@go-mmt.com for any other queries you might have. We’re all happy to help as we re-invent travel together.