You know you have a beautiful rental whose doors you have opened for the world but how to convey that to your potential customers?

Registering your property is easy, then comes the difficult part – selling it correctly. How to attract more business and attention, is the big question. You will see that there are thousands of properties ready to be booked but what are the tricks to highlight your property among others? Stay on track by focusing on these golden rules that will work like magic in getting you good business.


Make it pretty – Adding a personality to your house is a must. Decorate it putting life in every nook and corner and make it appealing to the eyes. If possible, show your culture and traditions in the décor of your house. Remember: Beauty attracts the eye.


Personal Touches – Take this as a chance to showcase the area you live in to your guests. Recommend them the best cafes, shops to buy souvenirs, sunset spots in the city, restaurants and many more. Have a famous regional coffee or chocolate? Provide these local treats and help them in making a beautiful memory. Interact with your guests and tell them the local folklore’s.



Interact with your Guest – Welcome your guests upon their arrival. If not then, make sure you meet them later. Whether you stay in the same property or not, it is essential for you to tell them that you will be available if they would require any help. It is important to understand what your guests want. Some guests might not want too much interaction but some might just need a company.


Ask for Reviews – Reviews are absolutely essential for you. You would want a good word for your house by someone else. Make sure to give a great experience to your guests that urges them to inform their family and friends about your lovely stay and to write about you on the social media platform. Because, word of mouth is all that matters.


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Good Listing – A beautiful picture works like a wonder. It will force a potential guest stop and taker a deeper look at your listing. No matter how good a place is, a dark and dull image will make the guests swipe right through it.

Make the descriptions more crisp, real, personal and short. Paint a picture for the customers narrating them how beautiful a sunrise would be standing in the wooden patio of your beach house in Goa. But don’t over promise or try to be something you are not. Misleading guests will lead to bad reviews.

Timely Communication – The golden rule of hosting: Treating your guests just as you would wish to be treated. Make a habit of replying to all the requests / questions by the guests on time. Nobody like to sit by the laptop for hours, refreshing their mail box hoping to get a confirmation of their booking. Respond quickly to all the booking requests. Tell them about all the information that you think are mandatory.


Stay Organised – Keep your calendar updated and organised at all times. Keep open the dates you are 100% sure of. And if occupied, remember to close your calendar on those dates as no one likes last-minute cancellation. Mismanaging your calendar will only lead to bad reviews and lower occupancy.



Happy Hosting 🙂