Who hasn’t heard about Kamakhya temple in Guwahati? It is a very famous and one of the most important pilgrimages in India. It is one of the most powerful peeths in India and the most authentic tantric rituals are carried out here.


The temple attracts a lot many people during the month of June (22 June – 26 June) due to the Ambubachi festival, which is the annual fertility festival. It is believed that the Goddess Kamakhya goes through her menstrual cycle during which the doors remain closed for 4 doors. Not only this, all type of work like cultivation, religious performances and daily worship is stopped for these four days. After the completion, the doors are open again and the celebrations begin.


There are several stories that lure you in towards this temple. Being the most powerful tantric peeth, the temple attracts lacs of tantrics and devotees in this annual festival. For years. This festival has been a meeting ground and an occasion to exhibit their psychic powers – from standing on one leg for hours to burying one’s head in a pit and standing upright. Not only this. There are devotees flowing in from all directions who come to these mystics and cast spells on them and to grant them their wishes.

Interesting enough? Want to know more? How about being a part of this?

The MD of the Assam Tourism Development Corporation, Mr. Kuchur Jamil Hilaly, sends you the invitation through this article and wants you to be a part of this beautiful celebration. The place sees a lot of footfall from devotees from India, abroad and particularly Nepal, which makes the northern Guwahati absolutely crowded. The streets are jam-packed and so are the hotels, lodges and guesthouses. To make your stay here possible and for you to get an end to end experience, the state tourism offers peaceful and lovely accommodations for you.

He says – “There are AC tents, luxury cruise lines called MB Mahabahu which is anchored at the foothills of the Nilachal Hill and accommodations for the devotees. There are also government properties, 4 cottages – 2 units and an entire lodge to accommodate tourists. These places are exclusive for the people coming for the Ambubachi festival.”

This time of the year, the state tourism plans for a grander celebration. In order to do so and to spread the word around, a group of 3 bikers were sent all across the north India, who have already covered 20,000 km in the last 35 days, inviting a lot of people from political spectrum, organising road shows across the nation and setting hoardings in number of temples regarding the Ambubachi festival.


He further adds – “This is the time when you ought to be here in Kamakhya. The blessings are immense this time of the year. If you are religious and if you are a devotee of the mother goddess, you absolutely have to come down here.”

Don’t worry about your accommodation as the Assam tourism has got your covered. Just pack your bags to witness an event you would have never seen before. Be part of the celebration that is so intriguing that you wouldn’t want to miss upon it.

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